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TechSmith Relay Portable Recorder

TechSmith Relay can be installed on a USB flash drive to make TechSmith Relay recordings in situations such as recording on a computer where you do not have permission to install applications or one that has limited or no network access.

Download and Install Portable Recorder

  1. Plug in a USB flash drive and format the device as FAT32.
  2. In a web browser go to and log in.
  3. On the TechSmith Relay Dashboard, click Client Downloads.
  4. Select Download Portable Recorder and save the file to your computer.
  5. Locate and open the file you saved named .
  6. Copy all files from the .zip file onto the root directory of the USB flash drive. It is necessary for all of the the files to be placed in the main folder to run the program.

Initiate Portable Recorder

To first use the portable version of TechSmith Relay, you must run the portable recorder on a computer that can connect to the TechSmith Relay server.

  1. Connect the mobile storage device to a computer with the desktop version of TechSmith Relay installed.
  2. Open the portable recorder and log in. This will save your presenter information on the portable recorder and allow you to access your profile where the TechSmith Relay server is unavailable.

If you run the portable recorder without previously logging in while connected to the server, you will not be able to log in. Log in as a guest to use the Upload and Decide Later profile.

View the Record a Presentation guide for assistance on how to record a presentation, and review and trim.

Upload Your Presentation

  1. Connect the mobile storage device to a computer with the regular TechSmith Relay recorder installed.
  2. Open the portable TechSmith Recorder.
  3. A prompt to either Record, View Saved Presentations or Submit All will appear. Clicking View Saved Presentations will only allow the editing of the presentations title and description or deleting it.
  4. Click Submit All and your presentation will be submitted.

You cannot access the presentation or view its status on the computer. Instead, you can check the status of your presentation on the TechSmith Relay website. Once the presentation has processed, it will publish to Mediaflo and an email notification will be sent to your Texas State email address which will includes a link to Mediaflo. Learn more about Retrieving Your Presentation in Mediaflo.